January 2011 News Update
We are sad to announce that over Christmas 2010 we came into the Sanctuary to feed our animals to discover that Lilly, our resident common seal, was missing from her pools.

Since Christmas Day we have all been searching the surrounding area around the Sanctuary and helping the local police to try and discover what happened to Lilly and why she has been removed from her enclosure.
All the evidence leads us to the disturbing and baffling conclusion that she was deliberately taken.

At this stage we don't know exactly why Lilly has been taken, however, we know that if she has been released into the wild she will easily survive catching fish for herself as she was so young and fit.

All the Sanctuary team are saddened by Lilly's disappearance and obviously we wanted to tell visitors to the website at the earliest opportunity.

Update: February 2011 - After further investigations, we have concluded that Lilly took an advantage of a fault in the drainage system to release herself into the wild.