Seals went shopping in January 2006

We are pleased to let you know that we have been spending donation and sponsorship money on much needed hospital equipment. Most of the money that we received in as a result of sponsorships and donations are put towards the week-to-week costs of food and medication, vets bills and multimilk.

Our January spending spree shopping list consisted of....
  • Three Transport Boxes (used for rescues and releases)

  • One Seal Stretcher for moving adult seals and large grey seals

  • Two Weigh Bags (for the weekly pup weigh-ins and moving pups from pool to pool)

  • One Centrifuge (to do our own blood-work)

  • New Digital Scales (for weighing out medication)

  • Two new blenders (fish bones are not good in a liquidiser - we are hard on liquidisers)
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