News Update for February/March 2009
Our Otters are settling in well to their new surroundings, both adapting to their enclosure as well as getting to know all the staff. A training programme has also been implemented and is going well, however, they are always trying to dodge and outsmart the trainers if they can.

On Sunday 29th March 2009 we will be saying a fond farewell to both Fingal (photo right) and Coll. Fingal is being moved down to the Isle of Wight and Coll to the Netherlands to start their new lives.
Leaving Lewis and Isla in the main enclosure our partition fence can now be removed for the pair to take full advantage of Otter creek and make it home for many years to come.
Both our resident seals, Lilly (photo right) and Lora, are slowly getting back to normality as we said a fond farewell to most of last seasons rescued pups on 5th March 2009, the three which where released are Daniel, Ursula and Honour.

Both Sean and Thomas are still in the outdoor pools, both of whom are nearly ready for release just a bit more fattening up and away they go.
When all our 2008 rescues have been released, we will once again begin with Lora and Lilly's training. Their training enables us and any vets to examine the pair without causing stress to the animals or the care team, and keeps the seals in better health.

Our latest leaflet for this year is now available to download from the visitor's information page.
If you have any photos of your visit to the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary that you would like to submit to the gallery, please email them to us. To view our Visitor's Photos Gallery click here.

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