News Update for February 2010
As part of the refurbishing of the sanctuary, our 'Claws' section has been transformed into a turtle display. Gordie, our Snapping turtle was named after Gordon Brown as they both have grumpy personalities.

We also have an Australian Snake Neck Turtle and Mississippi Map Turtles who have all settled in well.

Our new Giant Pacific Octopus, George, is also settling well, and the aquarists enjoy playing tug-of-war with him as part of his enrichment programme,
but he always wins!
There has also been another tagging trip, where skates and dogfish got tagged, allowing researchers to learn more An image of a Dogfish
about the movement and life history of the animals. The common skate is especially rare and has been given protection in two Scottish lochs, so the tagging will help scientists to see if the scheme is helping.
Lilly and Lora are enjoying the peace and quiet before the possible arrival of Common seal pups in the summer, and are being taught to open their mouths on command to check that they're teeth and gums are healthy.
Resident Common Seal

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