News Update for December 2008/January 2009
Fingal, our Resident North American Otter

Fingal is recovering well from his small adventure. The animal care team are slowly starting his target training again which is going well. Fingal now has three new friends in one half of the enclosure who joined him for a wildlife park in Essex. At the moment they are separated from each other so the animal care team can slowly introduce them, hoping that one day in the future they can live happily together.
Click here to read Fingal's press release "the AWOL Otter is Recaptured"

Our New Otters

Our three new otters to the sanctuary, two males which are father and son and an unrelated female are settling in well to their new home. The new arrivals joined us at the end of 2008, and have taken to the animal care team very well, feeding and getting to know there new surroundings.
Resident Seals

Both our resident seals, Lora and Lilly, are doing really well and are enjoying having lots of play mates in the pools. They have also taken to teaching the pups the skills they will need to help them out there in the wild.
Rescued Seal Pups

A large number of the pups have been moved from the hospital to the large outdoor pools.

Common Seal Pups

Flora, Mary and Joanna, the rescued common seal pups, have been moved to the large pools outside for their final stages of rehabilitation and then release back into the wild. Which just leaves one common seal pup, Thomas, in the hospital who is eating for himself so it won't be long before he is moved outside to join all the others.

Grey Seal Pups

Both Sean and Honor, the rescued grey seal pups, have been moved to the outside pools which means that there is still two grey seal pups in the weaning pool, however, both Daniel and Ursula are feeding themselves and are close to being moved outside.

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