News Update for August 2009
Isla and Lewis
Lewis and Isla have been continuing their training well through our busy season, and are loving all the attention they are being given and posing for all the photographs. Lewis and Isla return to school!
School is still out for most of Scotland...but classes have started in earnest for two difficult pupils, click here to read more.
Our aquarium Our aquarium has received many new stock deliveries this month.

We have had both Juvenile Bass and Grey Mullet delivered, we were also lucky enough to be donated a rare electric blue Lobster by a Scottish Fisherman.
From our other site in Loch Lomond we were able to home some large Gilt Head Bream which joined our shoal in the Pier tank, as well as Coalie which can now be seen in our Cliff tank.
No Rescued Seal Pups Yet!
We still have not received any seal pups this year, this is very unusual for a season, however, we hope this is due to raised public awareness of how to help seal pups in the wild.
Lora and Lilly
Lora and Lilly have been enjoying the company of all our visitors again this month.

Our resident seals are continuing their training well and now seem to be showing off to all our visitors just how good they are at it.
Lora and Lilly
If you have any photos of your visit to the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary that you would like to submit to the gallery, please email them to us. To view our Visitor's Photos Gallery click here.

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