News Update for April/May 2009
Lewis and Isla
Lewis and Isla have settled in really well and their training programme is progressing nicely.

They both so enjoy their new home here at the SEA LIFE Sanctuary.
Lewis and Isla, our new resident otters
Final Two Released
Thomas and Sean On 7th May 2009 Thomas and Sean were released back into the wild close to Seil Island, a few miles off the Scottish west coast.

Click here to read the STV News article and watch news coverage of Thomas's release back into the wild.

Lora and Lilly now have their pools to themselves and training has once again been able to start with them both.

Pic left: Sean (top) and Thomas (bottom)
Farewell to
Fingal and Coll
We said a fond farewell to both Fingal and Coll
on 29th March 2009.

Fingal (photo below) was moved down to the Isle of Wight and
Coll to the Netherlands
to start their new lives.
Jim's Wishing Well
Our new Wishing Well was made by Jimmy...he said if anyone is passing...please throw in some of your loose change for our rescued seal pups!
Wishing Well
Sean saying hello to a young visitor!Visitors at the Touchpool! Rays & Flat Fish Tank
Sean saying hello to a young visitor!Visitors at the Touchpool!Rays & Flat Fish Tank
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