Update February 2006

New pup in the centre; Flake. Arrived on Thursday 9th of February 2006. Click here to read about Flake's rescue.

Meryl has moved outside to the weaning pool with Lauren. They are both getting on well together and eating lots of herring.

Kirk is going in to the vets today to have his rear flipper x-rayed. We are expecting him to need an amputation so that it doesn´t leave the bone open to infection.

Sammy, the Seal, is still evading everyone. Two weeks ago Jamie Dyer (Displays Manager) and also British Diver Marine Life Rescue volunteer went down to Dumfrieshire to try and catch Sammy, the common seal, out of the salmon river, the River Annan. The fisheries officers there are keen to get the greedy seal out and away from the valuable wild salmon that he is chomping his way through on a daily basis.

On Jamie´s first visit two weeks ago a couple of attempts were made to catch him in a net, but he was too fast. Last Thursday there were more people, more eyes to spot and more nets to catch him with. NO SAMMY ANYWHERE. The river was walked up and down, everyone´s eyes were directed on the water but after 5 hours it was clear he wasn´t there. We all hope that he might have left the river Annan for pastures new and a more peaceful life. However, it is doubtful that he will have. We will keep in touch with the fisheries officer and if another trip to rescue Sammy will be tried.

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