Update March 2006

Mouse and Titch are to be released on 6th of March 2006. Argyll is gorgeous (even though the rest of the country is under snow). The sun is shining over the frost covered ground, the forecast predicts rain on Wednesday but that won´t bother either pup. The pools are draining ready to lift out the last two common pups that we have cared for since summer. Mouse and Titch are now a convincing 32kgs and 30kgs and this means they have enough blubber to keep them warm and give them energy when they set off into the wild to search for real live swimming fish.

The pups will be lifted in two transport boxes to the back of the site van. Then they will embark upon a two hour drive south of the sanctuary to a secluded sea loch. We are lucky to be able to release the pups from privately owned estate land which means there are very few passers by that could distract the pups from the job ahead of them. Once they reach the loch side, the boxes will be lifted down onto the shore and the lids will be removed and from then on it is up to Titch and Mouse.

Meryl is out in the weaning pool with Lauren and it is down to her that Meryl has learnt to eat fish at last. Lauren has often been seen lifting fish off the bottom of the weaning pool and holding them up to Meryl´s mouth. Thank you Lauren. Lauren will move outside to the main pools now that the common pups are released and Meryl will probably go out soon as well. This will then make way for Kirk in the weaning pool.

Kirk is doing really well. His stitches were removed and the skin is completely healed and looking great, you would never know he had had a toe bone amputated.

Flake, our little common seal pup, is a fighter. She has a very large burden of both lung and gut worm. Seal pups with worms have to be treated very gradually as too high a dose of the worming drug can cause all the parasites to die off at once. The pup will then try to cough up the dead worms and could potentially choke; the pup´s body may also go into shock as a result of all the parasites be killed off at once. Flake is on her third treatment of Panacur (the worming drug) and we hope this might see the end of the parasites that have made her so ill.

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