New Year Release - 14th January 2005



Three grey seals from the National Seal Sanctuary are being released this week.


Roskilly, Itchen and Blyth have spent the last four months at the Sanctuary recuperating.


"Over the last several weeks these pups have piled on the pounds, and are now ready to leave" said Curator Dr. Glenn Boyle.  "We are releasing them early in the year, due to the reasonably good weather we are having. We see no reason to keep them until early Spring, which is normally when we would release."


Both Roskilly and Itchen were rescued from Mousehole, and Blyth came from Devon. Roskilly, named after the ice cream company based at St Keverne, was carried to safety from the incoming tide by the Roskilly´s delivery driver.


These pups have been fitted with a yellow hat tag, each with an individual number, so they can be tracked after their release.


"This was trialled last season and we had lots of subsequent sightings of seals from up and down the Cornish and Devon coastline.  Glenn added "The hat tags allow us to assess where the pups go after release.  For example, they often don´t stay close to the release site, sometimes travelling great distances within days or weeks."




For more information contact Dr Glenn Boyle or Rachael Vine on telephone 01326 221361