Sanctuary Bids Farewell to
Last of 42 Rescued Seal Pups

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary discharges its last four patients of the winter 2012/13 pupping season on Friday.

Animal Care Team Leader Tamara Cooper and her colleagues will have mixed emotions as they bid farewell to Axel Rose, Schubert, Kayah and Buster from the beach at Gwithian at 10am on Friday 28th June 2013.
Axel Rose, Schubert, Kayah and Buster
Pups with iceblock "We will have successfully rescued, cared for and released a total of 42 pups when these four head back to sea," said Tamara.

"That´s fewer than in previous years, but still a heck of a lot of late nights and hard work, so there will be huge sighs of relief and looking forward to a few months of concentrating on our residents," she added.
"At the same time though, every successful rescue gives us all a great sense of achievement and satisfaction, and of course we all get attached to the pups no matter how hard we try not to."

Axel Rose (photo right) has had the longest stay. He was picked up from Widemouth Bay on 12th December last year with a badly ulcerated eye which needed extensive treatment and a great many visits from the vet.
Axel Rose
Kayah Schubert (photo bottom left) was rescued on 11th January in Padstow. He was malnourished and also had an eye infection.

Kayah (photo left), christened by a Polish intern´ at the Sanctuary after a famous Polish singer, arrived on 2nd February, also from Padstow. Although she was weak and skinny and sporting a few minor injuries, she was a feisty individual from the outset, and has lost none of her natural exuberance.
Buster (photo right) turned up on 3rd February in Prussia Cove, with ulcers in both eyes and wounds to his head and flippers.

"He was quiet individual who seemed overwhelmed by all the other seals he initially had to share the outdoor convalescence pool with," said Tamara, "but he blossomed once the group thinned out a bit."
Schubert Tamara paid heartfelt tribute to the volunteers of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue organisation, who were the first to respond to all four emergency calls and who collected the four seals and delivered them to the Sanctuary.

"Without their enthusiastic help we wouldn´t have a hope of being able to get out to every stranded pup and take proper care of those already with us at the same time," she said.

The release of the four seals at Gwithian could provide a great opportunity for pictures and interviews.

Date: Friday 28th June 2013
Time: 10am
Place: Gwithian beach

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
For more details, please contact Tamara Cooper on 01326 221 361
Date: 27th June 2013