Otter Cubs News Update for 2004

Update: 12th February 2004 - The cubs are just starting to be weaned and are being given swimming lessons by their parents. (Photo right)

On 18th March 2004 George went to a zoo in Wales to live with a lone female, George and his girlfriend get along great and love to play about in their enclosure.
Fliss and Chipz give swimming lessons
Update: 31st May 2004 - The Otter cubs are now just over 6 months old and are almost completely independent from Fliss and Chipz. They love to play fight with each other, especially in the water.
On 9th June 2004 Jasmine went to The Otter Trust to become a mate to a lone male that they had, Jasmine and her new friend are getting along really well, cuddling up together at bed time.
Fliss and Chipz now have another litter of cubs who were born on 23rd July 2004, there are five cubs this time and they are starting to eat solids and follow the rest of the family around the enclosure, last years litter are helping look after their younger siblings.

Update: 21st November 2004 - The otter cubs are doing really well and all of them are swimming and playing all the time with their older brothers and sisters.

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