News Update - December 2007

Marine Hospital
We picked up some juvenile seahorses from Chester Zoo at the end of November and these have settled in very well. We are hoping that once they get to adult size, we will be able to breed from them. Also we have some dogfish egg cases in the hatchery tanks in the marine hospital that seem to have baby dogfish starting to develop inside them.

The otters are all fine and loving all the rain. Well they are loving the mud that the rain has made in their enclosure. They all constantly have brown noses because of all the digging that they are doing. However, they have been eating all the fruit and veg that we have been giving them so perhaps eating 3 a day was their new year´s resolution and so far they are sticking to it.

All the penguins are eating very well at the moment and they haven´t been mis-behaving too much either this month. They enjoyed a Christmas treat of sand-eel this month which they absolutely love as a special Christmas present from us. Lola managed to pull of her wing bands and wasn´t very happy when we put two more on her but hopefully she won't bother to pull them off again.

The girls are still enjoying playing with the Frisbees (so are we). They still haven´t realised that if they bring them back we will throw then back. We also cleaned out the seal pool this month. Usually Sally is the good seal and Amber is naughty seal but this time it was completely different. Sally didn´t want to get in her cage at all and Amber just needed a little encouragement and she was in her cage. Once they had got in their cages they both sat there very patiently and got their Frisbees back once we had finished cleaning and got the pool filled again.

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