News Update - November 2007

Marine Hospital
The baby rays that were born in September are doing well and are taking solid food. They are given a selection of krill, chopped mussel and finely chopped squid tentacles every day.

The otters are getting ready for Christmas and the winter as they are pulling up grass from the enclosure and taking into their holt to keep them nice and warm. We are giving them extra hay and they have their heat lamp on but most of the hay we give them ends up being deposited in to their stream, for us to have to clean out and they do prefer a bed of grass.

All the penguins were given their flu jabs this month, which is something they don´t really enjoy but unfortunately have to have done. Lola decided she had enough of her white and red arm band so she pulled it off and now has an orange and yellow band instead, which she seems to prefer. Charlie and Harvey have found a way to climb onto Lola and Arnold nest box and can often to found sitting up there. They will only come down when they want to or when we are going in their to feed them.

Sally and Amber have been given some Frisbees to play with this month. They like us to throw them over the pool and then they will swim over to them and Amber especially will bite hold of them. At the moment however neither seal has realised that if they bring the Frisbees back to us, we can throw then across the pool again!!

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