News Update - November 2006

Chipz and his sonsChipz and his sons are doing well, the boys have had their heat lamp turned on this month as it has started to get very chilly and they have decided to move their bedroom from holt 2 to holt 1. Chipz and his sons

Sally and Amber are both eating a lot better than they did last month they have got their appetites back and are making up for it this month and are both eating herring all day. Amber is also having fun with her partner in crime (Ronaldo), rescued seal pup, and have found a new game which involves pulling pipework apart and then swimming around the seal pool carrying it in their flippers.

Stevie has had a very lazy month and most afternoon he can be seen sitting on top of one of the islands in the seal pool. He usually eats everything he can in the mornings then spends the rest of the day asleep with Ronaldo swimming around splashing him and sometimes trying to bite his rear flippers while he is asleep.

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