News Update - October 2007

Our Japanese Spider Crab moulted this month, she had stopped eating a seemed a little lethargic and we suspected she was getting ready to moult. Them one morning we came in and found her moult sitting next to her. She has grown nearly an inch across the back and we don´t expect her to moult for another couple of years. Usually crabs always moult over night and then trample and destroy their old shells so we were very lucky to find her old shell in perfect condition. It was taken out of the tank and we are currently trying to dry it out to then display it. Rob holding our Japanese Spider Crab
We also removed 2 egg cases from our Shark Lagoon. These had been laid by own Brown Banded Bamboo sharks. We have the egg cases in another tank were we can monitor them daily and hopefully we will have a couple of baby sharks born.

Marine Hospital
The baby rays that hatched out last month are doing well. They are starting to eat very finely chopped mussel and prawns. The next stage will be to get them onto squid tentacles.

All the otters are spending time in their holt at the moment as we have turned on their heat lamp to keep them nice and warm, this does mean that they want to spend all their time in the holt and not out and about. So during feeding time they come out, gather up some food and then they all go back into their bed so only a few visitors can see them eating.

All the penguins are doing well this month and eating lots. They are spending a bit more time in their nest boxes to get out of the wind, but they do enjoy chasing the odd feather that gets blown into the enclosure. Arnold pulled of his arm band this month so much to his disgust a new one was put straight back onto his wing. All the birds were also weighed and had their feet checked. Lola has a little limp but after talking to the vet we are treating her with antibiotics and some painkillers.

Both Sally and Amber have been quite hungry this month and incredibly playful with the staff and each other. During feeding time (when she feels like it) Sally will charge around the pool sending water everywhere, much to the enjoyment of the visitors and staff. She will also resort to stealing the fish from Amber which Amber can´t quite believe. Normal Amber is the naughty seal who steals fish from Sally so this month Sally has been getting her own back. Both the girls have a nice thick layer of fat on them to keep them warm over the winter.

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