News Update - September 2007

Marine Hospital

We have had a ray baby boom in the marine hospital so far 30 baby rays have been born in the last 3 weeks. Lots of the Rays are born with some yolk still inside their bodies so they don´t need anything else to eat until they are a couple of weeks old and then we have started some of the older rays on some chopped squid and prawn.
Some of the baby Rays in the marine hospital

The Otters are all doing well. They especially enjoyed the ″ice-lolly″ experiment that we set up for them at the beginning of the month. We gave them four lollies, each containing different types of food, to see which one they prefer. The winning lolly was the one containing fish closely followed by the peanut lolly and no surprise the lolly they didn´t really eat at all was the one containing their broccoli and carrot.


The penguins have also finished their moult and are now eating lots to build themselves up again. At feeding times they can be a little naughty with Jess and Joepi being the main ring leaders, they will snatch the fish out of our hands and then run to the other side of the enclosure and drop it on the floor. If you stand your ground and don´t let go of the fish, Joepi especially, will resort to ″dirty″ tactics and slap you with his wing until you do let go.
Beau giving himself a preen!
Feeding times with the penguins for the past couple of weeks hasn´t been the favourite job of the Animal Care Team. Arnold as well has decided he doesn´t like his blue arm band and decided to take it off last week (little does he know it´s going back on even if he doesn't like it or not). The photo above is of Beau giving himself a preen!


Amber and Sally (right) are both doing well and have just finished moulting. Sally has gone off her food a little during the month but this is all because of her moult, once this has finished, she will be eating everything and will be back to her normal self. Amber has completely finished her moult and looks very pretty. The photo below is of Sally during her moult!
Sally during her moult

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