News Update - August 2007
Sally (below left) and Amber (below right) are just getting used to having the pool to themselves after Stevie's move a few weeks ago. They are also eating a little more than normal as they have both finished moulting.
Amber enjoying the sun Amber and Sally can be found most afternoons sitting on top of their islands in the middle of the seal pool enjoying the sun and posing for all the visitors taking their pictures. This does mean, however, that both the girls are ignoring the attempts of the animal care team to feed them in the late afternoon.Sally enjoying the sun
Stevie has now been moved to Blankenberge in Belgium. He has sent us a postcard from his new home.

The otters can be seen spending most of their days sunbathing. Their favourite spots are right near the front of the large viewing window when they want a little shade and when they want all the sun they sit on one of their steps near the main enclosure. Unless you know where to look for them, they can take a little spotting which can sometimes mean worried visitors asking if the otters have escaped but we always find them in one of their favourite places. The otters are also being quite lazy in the afternoons at feeding time. Sometimes they come out of the holt (another favourite hiding place) for their feed, they casually jump in their pond to cool of a little grab a small piece of fish and then take it to one of their hiding places to eat it.

Over the past couple of weeks, the penguins have been eating about 25% more fish a day than normal as they have been getting ready for their annual moult. Before their moult, they can put on an extra kilo in body weight. During their moult, which happens around August every year, the penguins will push out all of last year´s old feathers and then their new feathers will push their way through. The moult can be quite uncomfortable for the birds and so during this time, they may only eat one fish a day. As the birds are not eating lots of fish, they can become a little dehydrated so we give them extra fluids in their fish. The birds are also spending lots of time sunbathing and if they get to hot, we cool them down with a garden sprinkler which keeps them entertained as well.
Harvey and Charlie Harvey (left) who is currently under going his annual moult. Standing next to him is Charlie (left) and we are waiting for the other penguins to start. (Photo right) Arnold and Lola sitting next to each other are also enjoying the sun that we have been having. Arnold and Lola enjoying the sun!

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