News Update - July 2007

All the penguins are currently doing fine. They are building nests but we don’t think they will lay any eggs but we keep our fingers crossed. They are starting to eat lots off fish as next month they will start their annual moult and during their moult they go right off their food.

Stevie (below right) will soon be moved to our Sealife centre in Belgium. He will be moving to his new home shortly. We are sending him to our centre in Blankenberge as they have a much larger pool and the facilities to deal with Stevie when he reaches his adult size. At the moment, Stevie weighs about 100kg and in a few years, he will weigh 250 kgs. He will join Blankenberges' other resident seals and we are sure he will settle in to his new home and make friends quickly.
Sally enjoying the sun Sally (left) and Amber are both doing well. They are both eating a lot of fish and then enjoying the weather. They will soon have the pool to themselves when Stevie moves but they will miss him but they wont miss him accidently swimming into them.Stevie enjoying the sun

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