News Update - June 2008

It´s been a relaxing couple of weeks at the Otter enclosure. The boys have been enjoying the sunshine and were busy playing outside.

With the Otters mucking about outside, we had the chance to give the Otter Holt its regular clean out. Otto and his brothers enjoyed the fresh hay we had put down for them and were busy for the rest of the afternoon with messing it all up again.
The Animal Care Team had some special treats for them this week and fed the boys with peanuts which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Not a lot has happened over the past couple of weeks here at the Penguin Sanctuary. Lola and Arnold are still protecting their stone egg and Beau is still following the Animal Care Team round wherever they go.
The Penguins were enjoying the sunny weather, taking a sunbath after they had their dinner.

Seal Pups

Great news at the Seal Sanctuary...We got our first four rescued common pups of the season in our brand new Seal Hospital.
New seal hospital
Floss is a young female, approximately born on the 20th of June 2008 and was found in the Wells estuary. Her current weight is 8.5 kg and her diet consists on herring. She is a very noisy pup and entertains the rest of the group with her barking.

Candy is small female pup which was born on the 26th of June 2008. She was found on Heacham Beach when she was just under a week old. She has been picking things up quickly and gained some wait since she arrived at the sanctuary. Her current weight is 9.0 kg and her diet consists of herring too. Candy is very cheeky when it comes to feeding times and is up to all sort of mischief when its time for her herring.

Pop is the largest male of our seal pups. He was born on the 28th of June 2008 and weighs currently 11 kg. Pop was found together with little Corn on Holme Beach. He is currently being fed on multi milk.

Corn is the smallest of our pups and like his mate Pop born on the 28th of June 2008. He too, was found on Holme beach near Old Hunstanton, being very dehydrated. When he was brought back to the sanctuary, the animal care team made a start on getting some fluids into him to rehydrate him. He has gained some weight and is currently on 8 kg. Because the two males are younger than the two females, we feed them both on multi-milk until they are old enough to have their first fish.
Floss CandyPopCorn

All together our four pups are doing well so far and if they carry on as they are doing at the moment, they will be joining our resident seals in the big outdoor pool.

Although there is a lot happening at the Hospital at the moment, the rest of the seals are having a good time too. They were treated to some extra goodies this week.

Sally and Amber were joined by two more residents in the big pool earlier this month.

Tyne, a 2 year old female from an Aquarium in Tynemouth and Sherbet, a 1 year old male which was born last year in our sister sanctuary in Weymouth and then moved to Scarborough together with his dad, Bubbles, before arriving here at the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary. They are all getting on well, with Sherbet being very playful and cheeky. If everything goes well, they will be joined in around six week's time by the two pups.

And finally...
Our latest leaflet for this year is now available to download from the visitor´s information page.
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