News Update - June 2007

We are afraid we have had some bad news. Unfortunately Chipz has had to be put to sleep in June 2007. His health has recently deteriorated due to his old age and we felt this decision was the best for him. We do everything we possibly can for all the animals here at the sanctuary but, as you will understand; this is sometimes just not enough. The other otters he lived with (his five sons) are doing fine and we will just keep a close eye on them over the next few weeks.Chipz
Chipz, a male, was born on the 1st of December 1996 in a wildlife park in the South West of England. Chipz was very aggressive and fought with other otters. He was moved to another park but again fought with the other inhabitants and had to be isolated. We took him on 25th of May 2001 and during the next year, he got better and better, becoming a very friendly otter.

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