News Update - April / May 2008

Marine Hospital
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Great news at the Otter enclosure! We recently started training the otters with a target stick.

Asian Short-Claw Otters are naturally very aggressive and despite the fact that Otto and his brothers have been born here at the sanctuary, we have been unable to get into the enclosure with them. Our Otters are used to have humans around them but are not tame as such.
Rob, one of our aquarists, started some light training sessions last week to get the boys used to having someone in the enclosure with them. We must say, it is going incredibly well.

The boys are happy to touch the target stick with their noses and claim a delicious treat afterwards. The reason for training is, to give the Otters some environmental enrichment and also to help us if we ever need to handle one of them for medical reasons.

Our Penguins are having a marvellous time enjoying the great weather. We are currently experiencing a glimpse of summer and most of our resident penguins love to have a sunbath on the sand after they have finished their meals.

Recently our aquarist Kirsty treated them to some home made sand eel ice lollies, which went down well.
Arnold and Lola, our oldest penguin couple, are getting quite broody over some pebbles - bless them. They keep themselves busy by collecting as much nesting material as possible to build a comfortable nest. They are spending a lot of time sitting on their pebbles.

Being the oldest couple in the penguin sanctuary, we should have thought that they know by now that there won't be any chicks coming out of those eggs.

Arnold has recently turned 17 years old and Lola will celebrate her 19th birthday this summer.

Happy days!

Celebration time at the Seal enclosure!

Our oldest resident seal ″SALLY" had turned 20 years old. She has been celebrating together with our aquarist Kirsty who had turned 20 years old the very same day. Sally enjoyed a special treat in form of a platter of fresh fish, where as Kirsty preferred to stick to the normal tradition of a birthday cake and candles.
All what´s left to say from us is...Congratulations to both of you from everybody here at the Sanctuary!

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And finally...
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