News Update - April 2007

The otters are also enjoying the sun and spend a lot of time asleep on the steps towards the back of the enclosure. Which can often lead to concerned visitors becoming very worried that the otters have escaped as their brown fur blends in the bark chippings that the otters are laying on top off.

They are all doing well and eating every fish we offer them. Harvey had a bit of a limp at the end of last month but this has cleared up well and he is fine and chasing shadows and anything else sparkly with the rest of the birds. The birds have been starting to build nests this month so hopefully fingers crossed we may get some eggs from them this year.

Sally, Amber and Stevie are all well and eating lots of fish. Stevie is really enjoying the sun that we have had over the Easter weekend, he eats everything in the morning (including the girls fish) then gets on an island and sunbathes for the rest of the day. This is when the girls can get their share of the food in the afternoon feeds and Amber will sometimes nip the end of Stevie´s flipper making him jump and then fall into the water.

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