News Update - March 2008

The otters have had a quiet month this month just playing throwing all their nice clean hay into the stream and they weren´t very impressed with the snow. They woke up in the morning and then went straight back into their nice warm holt and back to sleep.

Joepi has been nesting a stone this month and bless him, he even kept it warm during the snow, so we have now taken it away from him and hopefully he will realise what a silly penguin he has been. Most of the other penguins weren´t too impressed with the snow either, while Joepi was nesting the stone, Jess was inside their nest box just watching. Beau was the only one that would come outside and play in the snow with us.
Beau Beau with Jess watching from the penguin's nest box
Joepi has been nesting a stone Jess inside the penguinn's nest box just watching the other penguins
Sally and Amber are enjoying the piece and quiet now that the Seal Rescue centre building has all come to an end. Amber has been enjoying posing to all the extra visitors that we have had over the Easter fortnight. Both the seals weren´t very impressed with the snow that we had, we tried to have a snowball fight with the seals but they didn´t seem very impressed and just kept swimming around under the water.

And finally...
Our latest leaflet for this year is now available to download from the visitor's information page.
If you have any photos of your visit to the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary that you would like to submit to the gallery, please email them to us. To view our Visitor's Photos Gallery Click here.

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