News Update - March 2007

The Otters are still all very happy and healthy this month. They have decided not to use both their holts and have chosen holt 1 as their favourite so every time we go to put hay in holt 2 they pull it straight out and either drag it into the stream or take it into the other holt. They are however being extremely good and eating all their apple, carrot and broccoli in the mornings.

The penguins are eating as much as we give them this month as the change in weather has also increased their appetities. This month a couple of our females appear to be nesting so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we may have some penguin chicks this year. They did nest last year and nothing happened so we will just have to wait and see.

Our resident seals Sally, Amber and Stevie have all got their appetities back this month and they are back up to eating their normal amounts. Amber has started stealing Sally and Stevie´s fish from them and throwing it around the pool but not eating it which is very naughty of her so we have to keep an eye on the other two to make sure they are getting their fair share. All the seals have taken to basking in the sun most afternoons, weather permitting of course and they are all getting ready to moult.

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