News Update - January 2008

The otters are all being mischievous as normal. We have turned on their heat lamp this month as it has started to get a little chilly. We have also given them lots of extra hay to keep warm but all they do with this is take it out of their holt and they chuck it into their stream which makes more mess for us to clean up. They are very naughty otters.

The birds all had their flu injections this month so didn´t like coming anywhere near us for the next 2 days but then they quickly forgot and have been eating really well. Arnold has started to nest some stones again which hasn´t impressed Lola at all. Arnold tries to get Lola to sit on the stones and keep them warm but Lola is far to clever and has realised that they are not eggs.

Sally and Amber had a very enjoyable Christmas. They are both very interested in all the building works that are going on near their pool. There is a lot of noise coming from the seal hospital where it is being refurbished and every time sometime someone walks past their pool carrying wood, the girls are quickly over the side of the pool to see what´s going on. They still are having fun with their Frisbees but still haven’t managed to bring them back to us at the side of the pool.

And finally...
Our latest leaflet for this year is now available to download from the visitor´s information page.
If you have any photos of your visit to the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary that you would like to submit to the gallery, please email them to us. To view our Visitor´s Photos Gallery Click here.

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