News Update - January 2007


At the beginning of this month, the Otters had the heat lamp turned on in their holt and we gave them lots of extra hay so they were very warm cosy bedroom during these cold months.   We are trying to deepen Chipz and the boys´ pool in their enclosure at the moment but I´m sure they will destroy all our hard work once we have finished.
Chipz and his sons
The penguins are also doing well. They have been eating absolutely everything recently. Lola and Arnold have also started digging a large hole underneath their nest box instead of using the nest box that we have given them. Charlie and Harvey have also been spending lots of time together so hopefully we may have some penguin eggs this year.

Stevie is still continuing to do really well, he now seems to have the shape of the pool completely sussed and very rarely we see him swim into the sides. Also he has made a great friend with Peter Crouch, one of the rescued seal pups, as we often catch these two swimming around and playing together. Peter Crouch can sometimes be seen trying to climb onto Stevie´s back wanting a piggy-back around the seal pool.

Sally is still happily being top-dog in the outside pool. All the other seals know who is the boss and they very rarely try and steal fish from her as they know they will get told off.

Amber has started to throw her fish around the pool especially at feeding times. She gets the fish in her mouth and then throws it behind her head, shes getting quite goods at this now. She has also developed a strong dislike for seagulls. If any fly close to the pool, she will chase them and try to catch hold of them, luckily she hasn´t had any success yet.

Marine Hospital
Marine Hospital The lobster that we have in quarantine is currently in our nursery wall. He is too small to go into our main displays at the moment so we are waiting until he grows larger and then will move into main displays. There is also juvenile axolotl that we bred here at the centre, when he is large enough he can go and join the rest of our axolotls in the main centre. Marine Hospital

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