Seal Release - 13th September 2010
Milo, a common seal pup, was released back into the wild on Monday 13th September 2010.

We teamed up with Searles Sea Tours and took Milo out to the colony of seals that can be found living on Seal Island in the Wash.

An ITV film crew joined us for the day and the footage of the release was shown on
ITV Anglia and Yorkshire regional news on
Thursday 30th September 2010.
The whole day went very well and Milo is now back with the wild colony.
Milo - photo copyright of Paul Hobson - the professional wildlife photographer
Apparently Milo has been spotted since her release by the crew of Searles Sea Tours who recognised her by the tag on her flipper, as she swam up to the boat on a recent trip.

A big Thank You to Searles Sea Tours
for all of their help releasing Milo.

Also Thank You to Paul Hobson, the professional wildlife photographer, who took these excellent photos of Milo.

Click here to see a selection of the photos of Milo taken by Paul Hobson.
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