Ludo´s Boat Ride To Freedom

A young grey seal with a wander lust is finally back home in familiar waters.

Ludo was rescued in January from a beach on the Portuguese Algarve, having presumably followed the Gulf Stream for more than 1,000 miles.

He is thought to have been born off the Cornish coast, which hosts the world´s biggest grey seal population.
Seal Release - 27th August 2014 He was flown back to the UK two weeks ago and was cared for by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary until this week when he was given a free ride by the Newquay-based Atlantic Diver charter boat out to The Quies islands.

"He was fighting fit and ready to go," said Seal Sanctuary´s animal care team member Dan Jarvis, who made the boat trip with Ludo.
"He seemed to get more and more excited the further out to sea we got, and dived straight in the minute we lowered his cage over the side and opened the door," said Dan.

"He popped his head up and looked back at us briefly, as if to say thanks for the lift, but then instinct took over and he started making his way towards the islands and their resident seals."
Seal Release - 27th August 2014
Seal Release - 27th August 2014 "It´s always thrilling to see a rescued animal returned safely to the wild, and especially so in Ludo´s case, given how far he had strayed from home."

Dan and his colleagues are confident Ludo will now stay where he belongs, but he has been fitted with an i.d. tag just in case he goes travelling again!
Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
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Issue Date: 28th August 2014