News Update Oct/Nov 2009
Pups and Resident Seals
The Seal Hospital is currently empty and we have now given it a thorough clean so all the isolation pens are ready for the Grey Seal pupping season. Pups in the seal enclosure pool
The local population of Grey Seals give birth in November and December and so the hospital is now ready and waiting for the first Grey pups to be admitted.

As the local Grey Seal population is only relatively small we normally would only expect to see two or three pups each winter.
This year's rescued seal pups are all outside in the seal pool with our residents Sally, Amber and Tyne. The pups have all been tagged, weighed and are ready to be released. We should have a release date very soon.

Flipper, Lassie and Einstein (3 common seals) - are all fine to be released.

The fourth seal which is actually a Grey Seal called Sooty has had a nasal infection and we are waiting for the results of a blood test before he can be released.
Our Aquarium
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Competition Winners
The two winning entries as voted for by the staff at Hunstanton Sea Life Centre are:-
Come on ladies, we'll never be ready for the 2012 synchronised swimming at this rate! Form an orderly queue behind me if you want to watch the humans please!
The Winners will be notified and receive a family ticket worth £34* each.
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