News Update October 2011

From 17th October until the 30th it has been Shark Week! Everyone has been working really hard to teach the visitors about the importance of sharks in UK and global waters, and have collected over 500 signatures in a petition to ban shark-finning in European waters!

Our new visitor Bruce, the floating shark has also made a few appearances during shark presentations!
Shark Tank

All seven pups are going to be released in November!

They are fully rehabilitated and the animal care team are certain that it´s time for these little ones to go back
to the wild.

All our penguins have been feeding really well after their annual moult, and have been getting on really well!

The animal care team installed an "Otter Cam" - to keep an eye on Brutus and Summer (photo left) when they disappear into their holt!

It is suspected that Summer might be pregnant, and when she gives birth, the otter family will live very closely together inside the holt for approximately 3 months, until the cubs are old enough to go out of the holt and start walking/swimming!

The crocs have had some spooky incidents in their enclosure, which might involve a certain pumpkin making an appearance!
Oscar and Fabio* NEW ARRIVALS

Welcome to Fabio, our new painted lobster! His bright colours make him the most favourited lobster in
our centre!

Welcome to Wilson also, a donated Tiger Oscar - he grew too big for his tank at home and was donated to us, where we can give him all the space he needs to swim.

Our Head of Fundraising, Angie, has been doing a marvellous job collecting money for Merlin´s Charity "Merlin´s Magic Wand", which helps disabled children have fun days out in any Merlin attraction.
Angie - Our Head of Fundraising
ITV Sport Presenter Matt Smith FAMOUS FACE

ITV Sport Presenter Matt Smith came to the centre with his family during October´s school half term for a relaxing stay away from football!

Photo left: Doris, our Aquarist, with Matt Smith.
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