News Update - May 2009
We have had some lovely weather recently over the last few months, much better than last year!
New Alien Arrival
A local fisherman found a strange looking crab on the beach only a couple of miles from the Sanctuary at Heacham. He brought it in for us to see and we were able to confirm that it was a Chinese Mitten Crab. Chinese Mitten Crab
These are not native crabs and have hit the headlines a number of years ago when they were discovered in the
River Thames.
Arnold and Lola
Penguins Arnold and Lola have been moved to the Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre on Tuesday 19th May 2009.

The Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre have just opened their new penguin enclosure and we thought that it would actually be interesting to find out if a move to Great Yarmouth would encourage the pair to lay eggs in future years.

For the past few years Arnold and Lola have always been seen courting each other and always build a nest around Easter time - but Lola never actually lays any eggs, we don't know why this is the case and so it will be interesting if she lays next year in different surroundings.
The otters have been enjoying the sunshine and are now spending most of their time playing and lazing around by their stream and pond.

As the temperatures gradually increase over spring they start to spend more and more time in the water playing!! Which is great for the visitors to the Sanctuary.
We have recently added some new litter bins to the Sanctuary - we think they are great as they are themed bins in the shape of penguins.

Kids love them and so do all the staff here at the Sanctuary!!!

All they need now are some names???

Name a Bin!
Name that Litter Bin
Our Seals
Sooty and Buck have now been moved out of the hospital and into the outdoor pool and are making quite an impact with the rest of the seals. Being young seals they tend to be quite playful, inquisitive and generally boisterous.

We now have a total of 7 seals in the outdoor pool - Sally, Amber, Tyne, and the pups Ernie, Heidi, Sooty and Buck.
One of our rescued seal pups
Preparations are now underway for the release of the seal pups back into the wild
and we will update you as soon as we have a confirmed date.
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