News Update July 2011
Rescued Seal Pups
Lisa, rescued on 18th June 2011, now weighs 13.5kg - she must weigh 20kg before she can join our 3 resident adult seals to learn the fundamental skills of communicating with other seals and competing for food. Lisa
Robbie Robbie, who was also rescued on 18th June, has now reached a weight of 15kg, so now we can start his weaning process from being hand fed to feeding for himself - good luck Robbie!
Katy, rescued on 30th June 2011, now weighs 12kg, only another 3kg to go before we start to encourage her to feed for herself. She has put on a lot of weight since being with us, and has responded really well to treatments. Katy
Linda Linda, who was rescued on 12th July 2011, is now on 1kg of fish per feed!

She is a growing girl and is enjoying every fish we give her.
Vicky, rescued on 26th June, now weighs 13.5kg, only another 1.5kg to go before we start her weaning process onto feeding for herself. Vicky´s wound has cleared up nicely and is now very active in her pen.
We now flood her pen to give her some swimming time - Vicky likes to go upside down and play with the jet of water that´s filling up her pen!
Resident Seals
Our resident common seals, Amber, Sally and Tyne are looking forward to training this season´s rescued pups.
Tyne, Resident Seals
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