News Update July 2010
Rescued Seal Pups
Milo is now in the outside seal pool with the resident seals for his final stage of rehabilitation and learning to compete for fish. Collage of the rescued seal pups
Milo will be released back into the wild in the next month or so, his flipper tag number is 01 (blue). Crouch is now in the hospital's weaning pool. Terry and Gerrard are putting on weight and eating fish.
Click here to read the pup's press release.

Help Us to Help Them.....Each pup can cost up to £1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to sponsor a pup or make a donation towards their rehabilitation, please Click here
for more details.
Marine Hospital
Our baby Cuttlefish have began to hatch, they can be hard to spot as they change their colour to suit their surroundings. Our baby Cuttlefish
They are only 1-2cm long when hatched but can grow up to 40cm. The eggs take about three weeks to hatch.
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Resident Seals
Our resident common seals, Amber, Sally and Tyne (photo below), are all doing well and sharing their enclosure with Milo.
Tyne, Resident Seals

Bibby, Brutus, Oscar and Phil, our resident otters, have been enjoying ice lollies this month.
One of the otters enjoying their ice lolly

It's that time of the year when our Penguins (Jess, Charlie, Harvey, Joepi and Beau) moult and get a fine set of new feathers.