News Update January 2010
Penguins with a giant Snowguin
The penguins had a new friend in their enclosure - a giant Snowguin!

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Penguins with a giant Snowguin
Two members of our animal care team - Mathew and Elliot, decided one morning to move one of the penguin litter bins that had got covered with snow into the enclosure and give nature a helping hand by completing the finishing touches to the new creation. They added some more snow and created our very own Snowguin. The penguins seemed quite curious and intrigued as to who or what this new creature was??
New feature for 2010
Our new feature due to open at Easter will be
Scary Monsters.

This amazing new feature brings together some of the scariest-looking creatures of the deep: beasts from the icy depths that resemble giant insects, slimy and slithering things, bug-eyed beasties and animals that look like they've escaped from Sci-Fi monster movies or ancient myth and legend.
Our Otters
The otters were not very keen on the snow we have recently had. After the first snowfall covered the ground they didn't like to get their paws deep in the snow and stayed in their holt for most of the time. But after a few days they became brave enough to walk around on the snow.
Our Seals

The resident seals have been staying in the water more than usual over winter due to the cold temperatures - they can stay warmer in the water than if they come out. Seals have a thick layer of fat which helps to keep them warm - even in these sub-zero temps.


The lumpsuckers in our toilet display are growing well and have now just about doubled in size from last summer.
The lumpsuckers in our toilet display
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