Seal Release - February 2009
On 15th February 2009 we released four common seals, Albert, Corn, Floss and Spot.

All four seals were now weighing between 30-40 kg and had spent the last two months in our large outdoor pool with our three resident seals Sally, Amber and Tyne.
Seal Release
Seal Release The young seals were taken to the mouth of a nearby estuary where they were released onto the banks of the river.

All four seals seemed a bit reluctant at first to enter the water, but strangely enough the two that we thought would be the most unsure, Corn and Albert, actually decided to venture out into the waters edge first.
They swam off out into the estuary for a few minutes, then came back - as though to offer some encouragement to Floss and Spot, who were still on dry land and not making any efforts to go.

Upon seeing that everything seemed OK, Floss and Spot decided to follow Corn and Albert and they all swam off together.
Seal Release
Seal Release Kirsty, one of our Animal Care Team, who had spent the last six months looking after all four, stood on the banks of the estuary watching the four friends as they slowly moved off into the distance until she could no longer see them.

With a parting wave and a 'Good Luck' message, she wiped a happy tear from her eyes before returning to the Sanctuary.

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