News Update December 2013

Flooding Forces Evacuation of the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is closed to visitors until further notice and anyone who was planning to visit in the near future is advised to check beforehand.

5th December 2013
A major operation to evacuate the thousands of fish at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary got underway in the very early morning of 6th December 2013 after power to vital life support systems was lost during the previous night´s severe flooding.

Photo below credit: @NorfolkBeachHol @HunstantonOL
Photo credit: @NorfolkBeachHol @HunstantonOL
6th December 2013
Staff worked through the night after the sea breached defenses and flooded the building, fire officers were still pumping water out during the morning. Click here to read more.
Evacuation of the fish, etc.,
Photo below : Luckily the Otters were in their Holt, so did not know what was going on around them.
Luckily the Otters were in their Holt, so did not know what was going on around them
Throughout the day SEA LIFE staff from around the country arrived to help and many members of the local community arrived with offers of help and refreshments.
Sharks, etc being evacuated
7th December 2013
Here is a message update from the staff.

The last of the 3,000-plus fish and other creatures at flood-ravaged Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary are expected to be evacuated today.

The majority - including sharks, penguins and a green sea turtle - were safely removed yesterday. Some have been settled at Great Yarmouth SEA LIFE Centre while others were taken to quarantine facilities at Weymouth in Dorset.
Evacuation of the fish, etc.,
The evacuation began early yesterday after the previous night´s flooding and loss of power. Sea Life reinforcements to help exhausted Sanctuary staff, arrived from as far afield as Blackpool and Alton Towers.
Rubbish washed in from the sea
"In spite of our best efforts we were unable to save around a dozen fish," said Sea Life´s head marine biologist Rob Hicks.

"They were the older and weaker individuals, including three mackerel and three pacu," he added.

"We regret every loss of course, but to lose so few in such circumstances as we have faced in the last 48 hours, is testament to the Herculean efforts of everybody involved."

The Sanctuary suffered extensive flood damage and is still without power.

A full estimate of the extent of the damage is to be carried out over the next few days.
Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary publicly like to thank the Fire Brigade and the local community that have offered help and refreshments over the last few days.

8th December 2013
The resident seals have now been moved to temporary homes at other SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

Here is a photo of Pendle saying goodbye. Pendle and his seal friends are off to Scarborough SEA LIFE for a month or so.
Photo credit: Angela Rudd
Here are a few photos of the evacuation of the seals and otters today.
Photo credit: Angela Rudd
Photo credit: Angela Rudd
Photo credit: Angela Rudd
Photo credit: Angela Rudd
Ernie, the Green Sea Turtle, is now safe and sound at Great Yarmouth SEA LIFE Centre with his buddy Noah.
Ernie with his buddy Noah
A message from the amazing Staff:-

"Thank you to all who have helped us at sealife this week. The Merlin family is amazing and the local community have been fabulous. Your support is so much appreciated. We will be having some sleep this evening!

Will let santa know that the animals will be spending Christmas else where so he can send them their presents."
10th December 2013
More than 3,000 fish, seals, penguins and other sea creatures have been settled into new temporary homes across the UK from flood-ravaged Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

Damage is still being assessed, but includes extensive water-logging and some serious structural damage. Repairs and "drying out" are likely to take many weeks. Click here to read today´s latest press release.

Here is a photo of Mando, the resident seal at Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary meeting one of his new housemates, Miley, from Hunstanton!
Mando saying hello to Miley
Photo above credit: Todd German
13th December 2013
One week on from the flood with the seals, otters, penguins, etc., have been removed and taken to their temporary homes, work can now start to repair the water damage.
13th December 2013
We will keep you updated on the progress of the work in the coming weeks and months. So please keep checking this and the main news updates index page.

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