News Update August 2011
Rescued Seal Pups
Seal Pups resting on the side
Lisa, Vicky, Robbie, Katy, Linda and Tracey are enjoying learning to compete for their food in the residents seal pool. As soon as these pups reach a weight of 30-35kg, they will be ready for release back into the wild.
The resident seal in the above photo with some of the pups is Sally.

Simon is currently in the hospital´s weaning pool and learning how to feed for himself.
Click here to see a photo of Simon.
Help Us to Help Them.....Each pup can cost up to £1,000 to rehabilitate, if you would like to sponsor a pup or make a donation towards their rehabilitation, please Click here for more details.
Our New Resident Otter
Brutus, our six year old otter, has spent the past three years living with his brothers, Oscar and Phil, in the otter enclosure, during the past few months, their personalises have changed as play fights were getting nasty, and the gentler Brutus was getting the brunt of it.
Brutus and Summer
So Oscar and Phil have been moved to
Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary, and it was decided that Brutus should meet his first lady friend in the name of Summer. It was love at first sight for Summer and Brutus. Hopefully by Christmas there will be patter of tiny feet.
Our cute Crocodiles
Our three cute resident Cuvier´s Dwarf Caimen Crocodiles, Jabuti, Wanadi and Kacheri,
are growing in size!
Cuvier's Dwarf Caimen Crocodiles
Sammy the Seal

Sammy came out to entertain the visitors, although we think he really wanted to play on the pirate ship!!!
Sammy the Seal
New Octopus
New Octopus
Our new Octopus arrived on 19th August, but what shall we call it?
Pup Call-out
Doris, Flash and Athena checked on a young seal pup spotted on the beach at Old Hunstanton on 19th August 2011 by holidaymakers.
After Doris checked the pup, she noticed that it´s mum was off-shore.
We encouraged the crowd which was increasing in size to step back from the pup and observe with us to see what it would do, after a few minutes it slowly
swam off.
Pup Call out Click on this link to see a larger version.
Our penguins are still going through their moult, but Dimi, Beau and Harvey have completely finished now, the moult only happens once a year.

Instead of losing a feather at a time like most birds do, penguins lose all of their feathers over a few weeks and they look very very untidy while they do this. In fact they look quite ill and unkept during this time.
However, after a few weeks all their new feathers will grow back and they will have lovely clean and coated in shiny new feathers. Photo above is Jess.

Animal Adoption

A special way to honour a birthday, special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one, while supporting an important cause.
Help us to maintain first class animal care here
at the SEA LIFE Centre.
Click here for more details.
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