News Update Aug/Sept 2009
Einstein was moved out of the Seal Rescue Centre on 2nd September 2009 and into the seal pool. He loves splashing around with the other seals in the pool and he now weighs over 20kg. Pups in the outdoor seal enclosure
Lassie was also moved out of the hospital and into the main pool on 2nd September - Also now weighs over 20kg.

Buck - Good News!!! With his wounds fully healed and a clean bill of health, Buck has been released back to the wild at the beginning of September 2009.
Flipper - We have had to go through a stage of force feeding her herring as Flipper didn't progress from milk onto fish as easily as we had hoped for. She then moved onto hand feeding but would still did not pick up the fish herself - she seemed to almost expect us to continue hand-feeding her! After a couple of weeks she finally learned that fish tastes just as nice if you pick it up yourself and now she is quite greedy.
She was also moved from the Seal Rescue Centre and into the outdoor pool on 2nd September 2009. She also weighs over 20kg now.
Sooty - It had always been planned to release Sooty back to the wild at the same time as Buck - but when he was weighed, it turned out that Sooty was not big enough or 'Fat enough' to be released yet. Normally we like the pups to weigh over 30kg before we release them - to ensure we give them as good a chance as possible once back in the wild.

So Sooty has stayed behind with us in the outdoor pool with all of the other seals. He currently weighs 26kg. Sooty is still a very lazy seal and just loves to find somewhere to laze about - soaking up the sun!!
Our Penguins
All of the penguins have just finished their annual moult. Which only happens once a year. Instead of losing a feather at a time like most birds do, penguins lose all of their feathers over a few weeks and they look very very untidy while they do this. In fact they look quite ill and unkept during this time. However, after a few weeks all of their new feathers have grown back and they look lovely clean and coated in shiny new feathers.
our penguins have freshly moulted
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Our Resident Seals!
Sally is now 21 years of age. She is doing well for a lady of her age and over the years she has met many of the pups that come and go over the years. She is very good and getting to know them and teach them how to behave amongst adult seals.

Sally is still very loveable and she like soaking up the sun by lying on her favourite haul out island in the middle of the seal pool.
Amber Amber is still her cheeky old self and eats as much fish each day as she possibly can!!! What an appetite she has. In fact all of the seals have been busy building up their fat reserves ready for the coming winter months when the water temperatures will drop. That's how they keep warm through the winter!!
Tyne has been with us for over a year now and she has settled in very quickly and gets on really well with all of the other seals in the pool.

Although she does love to show off quite a bit. To show off her skills, she does like to throw her fish up into the air and catch them as they fall down again - behaving more like a performing sea lion.
She also loves swimming around the pool really fast - and the young pups try to join in and follow her around - but usually can't keep up with her!! Eventually she slows down enough for the pups to catch up and then she plays with them.
Our Aquarium
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Meet our new member of staff
This is our new Operations Manager, his name is Jon Knight.

Originally from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Jon worked for Merlin Entertainments at the Alton Towers Resort before joining the team here at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary.

Jon said "I'm really excited to be joining the team here, and getting involved with the excellent work that we do. My job is pretty full on, but in my downtime I enjoy live music and stand-up comedy, as well as reading and (watching) football!
Jon Knight
My advice to anyone starting out on their career would be don't be afraid to go your own way, if you have confidence in yourself and know your own limits you will get to where you want to be."
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