TRESSA was rescued on 10th December 1998
Tressa was rescued on the 10th of December 1998 from Poldhu Cove. She weighed in at a tiny 13.5kg at 6-8 weeks in age. She was obviously very malnourished and quiet in demeanour. She was very snotty and had marked breathing effort and lung sounds. She had some how managed to sustain tiny scratches to her eyes which became ulcerated.

Tressa took a long time to perk up, but since learning to feed for herself, she has been able to have water in her hospital pen. Her overall demeanor has improved dramatically since that time, and although her eye ulcers have flared up again, her condition continues to improve. Last weigh day Tressa had succeeded in piling on equivalent to 1kg per day !

It should not be long before Tressa can make her way down to the nursery pools and then to join her pup friends in the convalescent pool.

NERTH was rescued on New Year´s Day
Nerth was rescued on New Year´s Day from Torquay by the RSPCA. They contacted us immediately and brought the little fellow straight away. At 8-10 weeks old, Nerth weighed in at 17kg, quite considerably underweight for such a large pup. His general demeanor was very poor, very lethargic and looking pretty sorry for himself, with both of his eyes gummed shut with mucus and sand. Nerth was given his particular name because of his poor condition. It is a Cornish name meaning "Strength", which was obviously what he required.

When Nerth arrived, he was covered in Tar, with big patches around his neck and in his mouth. The bald patches seen over his body are due to the tar being cut out of his matted fur. Nerth´s pen has been left dry due to the eye treatment he is currently receiving. Once the treatment is complete and he has a better body fat coverage, his pen will then be able to be filled up. Although he is still pretty poorly, Nerth´s condition continues to improve every day.