PEDUR was rescued on New Year´s Day
Pedur was rescued on New Year´s Day from Mullion Cove. He was pretty dehydrated and malnourished, weighing in at 19.5kg. His initial assessment revealed a nasty cough, leading to suspicions with regards to Lung Worm. As the days went on, our suspicions were confirmed with Pedur coughing up not only blood, but also mature adult worms. Lung worms can be passed on from the fish that the weaned pup consumes. In an adult seal, the effects of lung worms can go practically un-noticed with the possibility of a fit animal getting over the infection without aid. Problems really only occur when an infestation takes hold of a tiny or un-well animal.

Once the pups condition has stabilised, maintaining a constant body temperature, it can than be injected with anti-worm treatment. Since Pedur received his treatment, his condition has improved and he is begining to get lively and ferocious.

DELILAH was rescued on 5th January 1999
Delilah was rescued on the 5th of January 1999, from Portreath. At 8 - 10 weeks old, Delilah was clearly under weight at only 18kg. She was given her name to complete the legendary pair "Samson and Delilah". The other half being a pup rescued from the same beach, given his name due to his large size. Delilah was exhausted on arrival and with a nasty whooping cough, lung worms were suspected. Her general demeanour has improved greatly and she is now feeding herself successfully.

POLLY was rescued on 6th January 1999
Polly was rescued on the 6th of January 1999, from Polly Joke near Newquay. She weighed in at a tiny 16.5kg. Polly was pretty quiet on arrival, and with obvious signs of dehydration and malnutrition, was given our usual treatment of fluids for the first 24 hours. She had signs of Lung Worm, coughing and bringing up small amounts of blood. Her small puncture wounds were nothing to worry about, but are cleaned and monitored daily. Polly was suffering with chronic Diarrhoea, quite commonly seen in pups infected with worms and unable to fend for themselves effectively.

Polly´s eyes were very sandy and ulcers were seen as a result. With regular treatment in the form of eye drops a marked improvement is expected in the next few days.