MORWENNA was rescued on 22nd December 1998
Morwenna was rescued on the 22nd of December 1998, from Sennen Cove, near Lands End. She was suffering from malnutrition, and was a little dehydrated, although she showed a great determination not to be rescued, and had to be chased into our rescue cage!

Very soon Morwenna, who is named after the saint of Morwenstow, was doing very well, climbing up the sides of her pen and trying to eat everything in site.
Morwenna is a very unusual seal; female pups usually have light silvery grey fur with darker spotting, but she is practically black all over! She is improving rapidly and has moved down to the nursery pools, so she can excercise and gain weight.

CASWAL was rescued on 9th December 1998
Caswal was rescued on the 9th of December 1998, at Mawgan Porth. He was malnourished, had wounds over his body, a nail bed infection, and breathing difficulties.

The name Caswal means "battle powerful" in Cornish, which seemed appropriate as he was such a poorly pup, and needed to fight off all his infections and diseases.
Caswals lungs have cleared up really well, and he is beginning to gain weight. The one remaining problem is his infected nail in his front flipper, which may have to be removed under local anaesthetic. All the staff who look after Caswal are relieved at his recent improvements.

These three pups were passed on to us by the RSPCA. Once they had finished their treatment in the RSPCA hospital in Taunton, they could be moved straight into one of our outdoor pools. Claus was rescued from Ilfracombe in Devon, Rudolf from North Cornwall, and Santa from St Ives.

They were all found in December, suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, and minor injuries.
Claus in Penquin Pool