DELEN was rescued on 16th December 1998
Delen was rescued from Fistral Beach, Newquay on the 16th of December. She had been spotted by a member of the public, who had become quite concerned, as the pup appeared to have a lot of discharge coming from her nostrils, and also appeared very thin.

When one of our team arrived at the beach, the pup was given a preliminary examination. We found that her breathing efforts were abnormal, and her temperature was very high. The pup was clearly unwell. She received fluid therapy to try and stabilise her temperature for the journey back to Gweek.
Delen in Nursery Pool
Once in our isolation unit, we began giving her treatment for her respiratory problems. We also put Delen on intense fluid therapy, and monitored her temperature which soon began to drop. Delen was also very malnourished, weighing in at just 13.5kg, but once her condition was stablised, she soon began to feed for herself. One thing that was immediately found out about Delen was her strength, and we are sure this will help enormously on her road to recovery.

JUAN was rescued on 12th December 1998
Juan was rescued from Porthkerris Cove, near St Keverne on the 12th of December, initially suffering from malnutrition and severe dehydration. His level of hydration was so poor, that he was tubed fluids on the beach, so he could make the short journey back to the Sanctuary.

Normally we do not need to tube the animals on the beach if they are within 10 - 20 mins of the Sanctuary, but Juan was desperately in need of fluids straight away.
He was very thin, weighing in at a mere 13.5kg at 7 weeks of age. The average weight for a pup of this age is 40kg. After arriving at the Sanctuary, and given a medical, we discovered he had a very nasty mouth infection, which had stemmed from a broken tooth. This was obviously making eating very awkward and painful for him. He also had sustained what we believe to be a bite wound, resulting in four puncture wounds to his left side, inflicted by a large animal, probably an adult seal. Juan has responded really well to treatment, and his mouth and puncture wounds are healing.

SAMSON was rescued on 18th December 1998
Samson was rescued from Portreath, on the North coast of Cornwall, on the 18th of December 1998. When he first arrived he was suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, and a major wound to his back flipper. He was approximately 10 weeks old, but weighed only 23kg. Samson improved quickly in the hospital and soon started feeding himself. We were able to move Samson to an outdoor pool, which made room for all the new arrivals over the Christmas period. Samson cannot have a full pool of water until his wound is completely healed, but he is recovering quickly, and will soon be able to swim all day, like the other pups.Samson