BASTIAN was rescued on 23rd November 1998
Bastian came from Porthcurno, near the Minack Theatre, on the 23rd November 1998. From the size of his flippers and teeth, we estimated his age at about 6 to 7 weeks. He weighed only 15.5kg, which is severely underweight for a pup his age.

As he had not been feeding for some time, he was also malnourished and dehydrated, which is the first thing which needs to be treated when pups arrive in our Isolation Unit.
We give them an injection of multi-vitamins and fluid therapy for the first 24 hours, before starting them on some suitable food. Bastian was also covered in regularly spaced minor puncture wounds, probably bite wounds from a dog or another seal.

Bastian gradually stabilised and appeared to be doing well in isolation, however, blood results revealed a nasty infection in his system, which was poisoning him. We had to work fast, with our local vet at Head & Head to give him the right treatment to fight the infection and clean up the toxins in his blood. Although we were worried, Bastian responded well to the treatment, and was soon well enough to move into the main hospital.

BERT was rescued on 25th November 1998
Bert was originally rescued from Trevose Head, near Padstow, on the 25th November 1998. He was very tiny, only about 3 weeks old, and he weighed 12.5kg, which is the usual birth weight for grey seal pups.

He had a few minor injuries, and was a little bit wheezy, but his main problems were being severely dehydrated and malnourished as he was so underweight. Bert obviously hadn´t fed properly for some time, and was soon eating fish for himself in our isolation unit.
As he was so thin, Bert initially had trouble keeping his temperature up. We helped him out with heat lamps, and fluid therapy, until he was stabilised in isolation. Then we were able to move him into the main hospital. Once he is strong enough, we will try him out with some water in his pen, and we hope he will progress quickly through the Nursery Pool, and finally, the Convalescent Pool, before he is released back into the wild in the spring.

MIDGE was rescued on 6th December 1998
Midge was rescued from Port Gaverne, in North Cornwall, on the 6th December 1998. He is the first pup to be rescued by our British Divers trained volunteers. Having volunteers in other areas of Cornwall is an amazing help to the Animal Care Team here at the Sanctuary. It means that we can have trained people on the scene much quicker than actually sending a member of our own team from Gweek, and it also means that a pup can receive specialist treatment in our hospital as soon as possible.

Midge was about 7 weeks old, and weighed only 17kg. He was malnourished, dehydrated, and had some minor wounds, and developed conjunctivis in his left eye. He began to eat for himself as soon as he was feeling a bit better on the second day in isolation. He is a lovely pup, full of fun, and he cheered up all of the Animal Care Team while he was in the hospital, because he likes to sing while he's eating !