BILBO was rescued on 29th October 1998
Bilbo was rescued from St Ives on the 29th of October 1998. He had washed up onto the beach with a rope caught around his neck. Some well-meaning members of the public attempted to help untangle Bilbo, but they found him too aggressive to deal with. As with all pups, Bilbo has incredibly sharp teeth, similar to large dog's, and an aggressive survival instinct to go with it.

When we picked Bilbo up, we found that he was around five weeks old, but severely underweight, malnourished, and dehydrated. He weighed only 14kg, just above the normal birth weight. Despite his entanglement, Bilbo had no other injuries or problems, and quickly improved with some rehyfration therapy, and a gradual increase in solid food. After just two days, Bilbo was fit enough to move into the main hospital, and we are hoping he will quickly move onto the outside pools.

SAM was rescued on 7th October 1998
Sam was rescued from Perran Sands on the 7th of October 1998. He was suffering from horrific wounds, and trauma that had most probably been inflicted by an adult seal in a confrontation. The most disturbing of the wounds, is the gash that runs from the corner of his right eye, and measures 3" in length and 1/4" wide. Amazingly, despite how terrible it looks, no damage was done to the eye itself, and we hope this will heal over a time with intensive treatment. Other wounds sustained are multiple flipper puncture wounds front, and fore, two deep puncture wounds to the nose, and a large deep cut on his back. Luckily, these injuries were quite fresh, and therefore the risk of serious infection is minimal.

Sam is a male, and on arrival was about 10 - 14 days old, and despite his ordeal, he weighed in at 21kg. He is a very poorly, but with intensive round the clock care, we hope he will make a full recovery, although his future is still a little uncertain.

HARVEY was rescued on 8th November 1998
Harvey was brought into the sanctuary on the 8th of November 1998. He had been found at Gorran Haven looking very sorry for himself, trying to avoid being swept back out to sea. Fortunately for Harvey, some passers by made sure that he was not disturbed by dog walkers, by putting some cones around him and then calling the Seal Sanctuary. He weighed only 14.5kg and was very underweight. We realised very quickly that one of his main problems was a bad case of worms.

Harvey will stay in the main hospital until he is about 20kg in weight. Then, provided he is feeding himself, he will go out into a Nursery Pool, and from there to the Convalescence Pool. In the spring he will then be released back into the wild.

TEGAN was rescued on 8th November 1998
Tegan was rescued from Gwithian on Sunday 8th of November, with a few minor cuts and underweight (15.5kg). She has signs of a stomach infection which we are investigating.