ANGELICA was rescued on 5th October 1998
Angelica was brought to us by the RSPCA on the 5th of October 1998. She had been spotted, hauled out at the high tide mark in Boscastle Harbour. At just over a week old, Angel had her fluffy white pup coat, and her mother had been seen close by in the water. She was a healthy 18kg and had no visible injuries. Unfortunately, some members of the public thought she was in difficulties, and picked her up. Angel could not be returned to her mother because, as with most wild animals, her mother would have rejected her once she had been interfered with. The RSPCA were forced to bring her to the Sanctuary for care.

Angelica, unlike her name, is the most difficult seal we have dealt with so far this season. She moved into the main hospital on the 21st of October and, after a couple of tiring days, eventually learned to swim and use her haul out properly in her new pen. We initially had problems with her transition from force feeding to eating fish from her pool on her own. But we are all hoping that she will get nice and fat, so that we can move her on to the outside pools as quickly as possible.

DIGORY was rescued on 9th November 1998
Digory was rescued from Sennen Cove, near Land´s End, on the 9th November. He had been spotted by a member of the public who became worried because he had hauled out way above the high tide mark for a rest. When we arrived on the scene it was immediately obvious that Digory was emaciated (we later found he weighed 16kgs). He was about 8 weeks old and was suffering from malnutrition, dehydration and a few minor wounds which had become infected. These included an infected whisker follicle, which had caused his muzzle to swell up and had probably affected his feeding.

After just one day of treatment and rehydration therapy, Digory looked much better and began eating fish for himself off the floor. He is a real character, when approached he is rather aggressive and jumps up to bite your hands, but as soon as you leave his pen, he starts singing for more food!!

FRODO was rescued on 1st October 1998
On the 1st of October, we made our first night rescue of the season, when Frodo was picked up at Trevaunance Cove. He was about five weeks old, severely underweight (14kg), malnourished, dehydrated etc, with the possibility of the ingestion of oil to complicate things.

We had trouble keeping his temperature up at first, because he was so skinny, and we gave him multi-milk with lectade for maximum rehydration and absorption.
Frodo in Hospital
After a short stay in our isolation unit, Frodo was quickly moved into the main hospital, so he could put on lots of weight before moving to the outside pools.