BECKY was rescued on 18th September 1998
Becky arrived on Friday 18th of September 1998, after having spent a few days eating RSPCA care assistants! They found she was a real handful. She still had her white coat, and had minor injuries, so we put her into one of our hospital pens. Despite being very aggressive at first, she is actually okay to look after, and we think she was just a very scared little pup.

QUINN was rescued on 22nd September 1998
Quinn was picked up from Port Quinn near Port Isaac on the 22nd September 1998 by a member of the Animal Care Team, Helen Rees. Helen´s first rescue for the Sanctuary and she made it look easy. Quinn weighed about 14kg and had lots of minor cuts and grazes all over his flippers. He was just about weaned, and had very little of his white coat left. We started him on fish soup, but soon he was gobbling fish up off the floor, so we are expecting a quick progress into the main hospital, and out to the nursery pools.

JENNA was rescued on 13th September 1998
Jenna was rescued on the 13th of September 1998, from St Ives Bay near Hayle Estuary. She was about 2 - 3 weeks old when she was first reported to us a few days before, in a healthy condition with slightly sore looking right eye. Pups are normally left by their mothers at this time, to learn to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, very rough seas were hampering Jenna's efforts to feed, and as she became more tired, her eye problem got worse, so we decided it would be better to bring her in to the hospital, especially as the rough weather was set to continue for another week! Jenna in Nursery Pool
Jenna was a good weight when she arrived, 25kg, but we found she had a large ulcer in her eye, which could have eventually caused her to lose the sight in that eye. She was immediately fed on whole fish, and was soon feeding herself in our hospital pool. She is doing very well, and will soon be able to move to the Nursery Pools.