CHANCER was rescued on 20th January 1999
Chancer was rescued on the 20th of January from Porth Meor, St Ives. He was spotted by a member of the public, who noted that he was extremely quiet. One of the local volunteers went out to check on him and realised immediately that he was very small for his age. On this basis he picked him up and brought him back to the seal sanctuary, where he was weighed and found to be a slight 13kg. This is about one third of his expected bodyweight for the time of year.

Although Chancer has no obvious injuries, the fact that he is so severely malnourished means that he will have to be looked after very carefully over the coming months. He was fed initially on multimilk, a milk replacement and gradually being introduced to fish. All he needs to do now is, get fit, fat and healthy, so that he can join the other seals in the Convalescence Pool. However, he will need to reach at least 30kg before this happens.

FIN was rescued on 28th January 1999
Fin was rescued on the 28th of January 1999, from Porthcurno. On first impression he was in reasonable body condition, weighing in at a small but not worrying 20kg. On closer inspection, he was heard to be coughing and had very harsh lung sounds. Stomach tubed with fluids on the beach he was brought in to the sanctuary for a clinical assessment. Lung noises such as Fin´s are quite often associated with a high burden of lung worms. Fin has since been wormed and is now doing really well. He is exceedingly hungry and has livened up considerably. His name was given in the hope that this pup may be the last one this year to find itself in trouble and in need of rescue. Fingers crossed for all the others out there !