JASMINE was rescued on 8th January 1999
Jasmine was rescued on the 8th of January from Port Issac. On arrival she was found to be exhausted and was exhibiting signs of lung worm and the early stages of pneumonia. Her recovery has been slow, but steady and she quickly started to feed herself. She has now been wormed and once she weighs around 20kg, she will go outside. At 30kg she will be transfered into the convalescence pool and at 50kg, she will be ready to be returned to the wild again. In the meantime, Jasmine can be assured of receiving the utmost care and attention from all the seal staff.

TAMSYN was rescued on 10th January 1999
Tamsyn was rescued on the 10th January from an area of coast line near Rinsey Beach. She had been found by some fisherman at the bottom of a 100ft cliff, accessible only by a very narrow and difficult path. Fortunately all the fisherman helped to carry the cage up to the Landrover, effectively saving her life.

Tamsyn had a severe injury to her left eye, causing her whole head to swell up. Once back at the Sanctuary, she was given fluids to help with dehydration and shock. She was also put on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. The following day she was taken to the local veterinary practice to have the eye removed. This all went very smoothly indeed, and her recovery has been uncomplicated.

Fortunately there was no damage to her other eye, so once she is fully recovered she will be rehabilitated to go back to the wild in the spring. In the meantime, she will stay in the hospital for a while and will then be transferred to an outdoor nursery pool and subsequently to the convalescence pool.

TEWDAR was rescued on 14th January 1999
Tewdar was rescued on the 14th of January from Porthgwarra. He had hauled himself out on to the slip way, and then made his way into a nearby garden to get some shelter from the rough weather ! Tewdar was a bit skinny and very very hungry, so he was brought back to the sanctuary for a little bit of tender loving care. He has responded well to his diet of Mackerel and has been feeding himself really well. The name Tewdar comes from the Cornish name for a pagan tyrant ! - something we hope he won´t become.