RugRat was rescued by Nikki on Saturday from Carbis Bay. She is a premature newborn pup weighing just 10.5kg, with teeth only just beginning to come through. The name may sound stupid, but there is a perfectly logical explanation!! She was originally found on Friday by some people staying in a Chalet at Carbis Bay. They did not know what to do with her, but a local friend told them to put her in as deep water as they could!! (not a good idea).

Somehow RugRat managed to survive the night and then hauled out again the next day.
Rugrat by pool
This time they called us, and Nikki said she'd come and pick her up. They met Nikki to show her where the pup was, and led her across the beach, up to the Chalets, and into their lounge where the poor pup was sat on the carpet! We have started her on Multimilk, and are hoping to get her bottle feeding, although we haven´t succeeded as yet.

TIM was rescued on 7th September 1998
Tim was brought to us on the 7th of September 1998, by the RSPCA. When he arrived at the Sanctuary he was very lively and aggressive despite a long journey, and quickly transferred to our isolation unit. He was named Tim because he was so very tiny !

Tim was between 7 to 10 days old, but weighed only 14.5kg, birth weight should be 13kg. He had been found at Bossiney Cove near Tintagel, malnourished and dehydrated, with patches of tar on his fur from scrambling around on the beach. It is thought that he had been washed away from his mother during stormy weather, and had not fed for at least 4 or 5 days. After a couple of days in isolation with feeds every 4 hours, Tim was soon stable enough to move into the main hospital.

He gets more aggressive and wriggly every day!

GRIFFYN was rescued on 15th November 1998
Griffyn was rescued from Chapel Beach, near Porthcurno, at Land´s End on the 15th November 1998. He was around 8 weeks old, and weighed only 15.5kg.

This pup was severely underweight and suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. He also had some minor wounds on his body and flippers, and a heavy burden of worms.

Griffyn spent a week stabilising in the isolation unit, as he had some trouble keeping his temperature within the normal range.
Griffyn in Nursery Pool
Griffyn was moved into the main hospital on the 24th of November, and quickly settled into his pen. He had always been keen to eat his fish on his own, so we were soon able to get him used to having water in his pen.

Unfortunately Griffyn later developed a nasty eye ulcer. Despite intensive treatment, the eye became so badly infected that it had to be removed. Griffyn had his stitches in for around three weeks, but was soon splashing about in his pool.

Although they are slightly vulnerable, pups with sight in one eye can survive perfectly well in the wild for many years. Peter Pan and Sandy were both successfully released back into the wild last season, and Griffyn will follow them probably in March/April 1999.